Fun Wedding Venue

Two families become one and they all had fun

Fun Wedding Venue for all ages!


Dodson Orchards is a wedding venue where you can count on your guests having a fun time. The laid back relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect environment for two families to get together and become one. New friendships can be made as people relax and let their guard down a little and allow the opportunity of having fun and enjoying the surroundings at the wedding they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. This private venue is family friendly and nobody will be at your wedding or at your venue that you didn’t personally invite. The picture above was taken by photographer Rus Middleton, who captures a moment that so perfectly shows the simple beauty of new family getting together and having fun. Now when was the last time you want to a wedding and actually had fun?Call today 573-561-3093 to find out more or contact us via email to learn how you can actually have a fun wedding at Dodson Orchards.