Outside wedding venues near St.Louis Missouri

outside wedding venues in st.Louis

Outside wedding venues in St Louis can be a challenge to find. Especially if you are considering the nature of Missouri weather! If you know how quickly things can change then you know that there is a distinct possibility that you and your guests might be looking for a little more shelter than a shade tree or a plastic tent can offer! The Missouri weather has left many brides in tears because of it’s sudden change nature. But not here at Dodson Orchards! It doesn’t matter, come rain or shine, you’ll have two beautiful options either way!

Outside Wedding Ceremony Options

Dodson Orchards is located a little off the beaten path, tucked away down a road that leads to a magical place that time has not touched, and progress hasn’t paved. You and your guests will be immersed in the serenity of the the rolling hills and valleys of this historic farm. The view from this farm goes on for miles and miles. You can your guests can gaze over a field of wildflowers, set against the backdrop of the lake and the miles of pastures. In the distance you can see the ancient mountains of the St.Francois Mountain Range, some of the oldest mountains in North America.

outside wedding venues

The Views at Dodson Orchards

Backup Plans for Outside Wedding Venues

If you are planning an outside wedding event, then you haven’t planned properly if you don’t have a plan B. Here at Dodson Orchards, we already have an excellent back up plan for you. If storm clouds show up on your guests list, then you won’t even need to worry about doing a thing different! Because our staff will take care of everything for you, and you’ll move right into the perfect Plan B option for a ceremony. Our staff will work with you to coordinate and get ready for a wedding ceremony in the historic barn. In such a beautiful setting, it’s hard to call this a Plan B. It’s actually made it a very difficult decision for many brides regardless of rain or shine!

So contact us now to get your date, come rain or shine, and this one of a kind wedding venue.

barn wedding venue st.louis country rustic ceremony outside

Barn Wedding Ceremony at Dodson Orchards Spring 2015