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Estimate Your Wedding Venue Costs

Wedding Venue Costs at Dodson Orchards

Your wedding venue costs here at Dodson Orchards will vary depending on the number of guests, date, and any options you choose. Most budgets for this venue will be over 5k, but that can vary widely depending on number of guests.

Your Wedding Venue Costs

Inclusive Wedding Package Wedding Venue Costs – What will your wedding cost here at Dodson Orchards

    • For parties over 100 and under 150 your costs will be $74/person
    • For parties over 60 and under 100 the cost will be $84/person (please note this option is not available for peak Saturdays)
  • Please call us or contact us to let us help you estimate the total price for your particular wedding and we want to help you estimate your RSVP’s to show up ratios.

How to estimate the cost of your wedding venue

To estimate your costs of a wedding here at Dodson Orchards if you want an all included wedding package, simply multiply the expected number of guests by $74 if booking over 100 guests and $84 if booking under 100 guests, and you will have a very close estimate of your costs of a wedding here at Dodson Orchards before you add any customization as well as tax and tip.

How to book and pay for your wedding

To book your date and pay for your wedding, you need at least 1/4 of the total package price and a signed agreement that we will send you that describes what we will provide along with additional payment due dates. The earlier you book your date, the longer you will have to pay for your wedding.

Here is a brief description of our INCLUSIVE WEDDING DAY package and the unique service offerings included:

An all inclusive wedding venue decorated
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