Missouri Barn Wedding Venue

Send Off Ceremony at a Barn Wedding

send off ceremony at barn wedding
Lantern Send Off

This was perhaps one of the funnest weddings I’ve been at. I’m not sure why it was that fun, but I suspect it was the attitude of the people over everything else. They were there to have the times of their lives and celebrate a special day with the ones they loved. You can spend thousands of dollars trying to create an atmosphere like this. But in the end, it really doesn’t cost a thing. So if you are planning a wedding and thinking about your special day. Start with a self check. You’ll end up getting what you are giving. If you are full of anger, stress, and anxiety, there’s a good chance you’ll get that back twofold in the atmosphere of your wedding day. If you are full of joy and happiness that you are getting ready to commit to a life long partnership with the person you trust fully and love above any other. Then you’ll probably find the atmosphere will reflect that as well. You’ll find all the money in the world can’t cover up a sour feeling in the air no matter where you go. So perhaps the best place to start looking for the perfect wedding venue is in yourself? Because on your special day, you more than anyone else will set the mood.
The lantern send off ceremony held by this couple at Dodson Orchards pictured here was nothing less than gorgeous and it was a perfect end to a beautiful day start to finish. But it started with a bride and groom with a great attitude who were full of joy and everyone felt it.

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