Visit A Country Wedding Venue

Take your first step towards finding out if a wedding on a farm is right for you. Call us today 573-561-3093, or set and appointment to come visit this on of a kind country wedding venue.  While our pictures help, you need to see our beautiful country in person. If are going to get married to the person you love, you need to do it at a place that you love and you can’t do that through pictures. So come down and and see this country wedding venue for yourself.  Call or fill out this form now for more information.

One of the biggest mistakes couples make, is that they start searching the internet for wedding venues and they lose themselves in a world of information that may not help them. Or even worse overwhelm them. The simple truth is you need to get out and visit a wedding venue in person!  Not all venues are for all people.  Venues are a lot like people in that they have their own personality and charm. All of them have different staff and owners. This all reflects in the overall experience of the guests and the bride. You need to visit a few wedding venues to see if the personality of the venue is a match for you. You may find that staff and how you are treated is far more important than you first imagined.  Then there is the way a venue looks in person, and the way it looks on a web site. Often times that can be a world of difference. Most things at a venue can be changed or added too, but then at a lot of venues there are a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot do. Most of the time you won’t find all that out until you actually make an in person visit.

It’s also recommended to bring the key decision makers along with you. Fiancee’ would be top choice and along with that if you have anyone else plan or fund your wedding you may wish to bring them as well.  Schedule your personal visit to our farm with the online scheduler found here.

We look forward to meeting you.