Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Dodson Orchards – A Missouri Wedding to Remember


Rustic Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Dodson Orchards a Missouri Wedding Venue


This outdoor ceremony at Dodson Orchards was just as emotional and touching as much as it was beautiful. The rustic flare of the simply elegant ceremony decor was well done by this DIY bride who had assembled an excellent team of helpers to come and decorate her venue just the way she wanted. They brought in stringed instruments who played as she walked down the aisle escorted by her teary eyed Dad. Blue sky, singing birds, the instruments, and the occasional sniffle were the only things you could hear. No cars, no horns, no noise, no trains, nothing could be heard. Only the things that you wanted to hear on such a perfect day.

This outdoor ceremony location in Missouri is no hidden secret, and it’s not impossible to find. It’s just South of St. Louis and there are open dates available for you to have the perfect wedding ceremony too.

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