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send off ceremony at barn wedding

Send Off Ceremony at a Barn Wedding

This was perhaps one of the funnest weddings I’ve been at. I’m not sure why it was that fun, but I suspect it was the attitude of the people over everything else. They were there to have the times of their lives and celebrate a special day with the ones […]

A Near Destination Wedding Venue

Yes! A Near Destination Wedding! That means instead of flying to a beach or a country far away where you’ll be surrounded by strangers, you find a hidden gem near you, where everyone who likes and loves you will be able to come and enjoy your wedding with you. They […]

Fun Wedding Venue

  Dodson Orchards is a wedding venue where you can count on your guests having a fun time. The laid back relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect environment for two families to get together and become one. New friendships can be made as people relax and let their guard down a […]

Apple Blossom at Dodson Orchards

The best Spring Wedding Venue ever!

With Spring on the way, Dodson Orchards is going to be the best spring wedding venue you’ve ever seen. The tips of the tree blossoms are all sliver and that tells us that it’s almost time for first leafs to sprout! Then a few weeks later we’ll see the first […]